Signs that Your Landline is in Need of Repair

You may be one of the more than 40% of Americans who still rely on a landline connection to stay in touch with friends and family and perhaps even connect to the Internet.
telephoneWhile no technology is perfect, there are a few surefire signs that it might be time to call in professional help.
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How do Landlines Become Damaged in the First Place?

In an increasingly cordless and wireless world, it can sometimes be confusing that behind all of our virtual connectivity, there are still wires connecting everything, known as landlines.landline damage

Landlines can refer to either telephone lines or cable lines, and they can be damaged in many ways. Damage can interrupt your service or lead to static or slow connections. Though you won’t always be able to tell when something is damaged, those are your indicators. Read more

The Benefits of Working with a Certified Technician

When you need cabling work done, whether it’s moving into a new building or rewiring an old one, it’s important to work with a certified technician. certified technicianIf the technician will also be performing an installation on site, then it’s even more critical. It’s not that a tech with no certifications can’t get the job done, but when you work with a certified professional, you know that they aren’t learning on the job. Read more

Leave Telecom Cabling to the Professionals

Low-voltage isn’t necessarily low-risk.cabling professionals

When bidding out telecom wiring for your new construction project or remodel, it might be tempting to go cheap.

Unlike power cabling, low-voltage communications wires seem harmless. Many states and municipalities don’t even inspect communications wiring, nor do many require a telecom wiring installer to be licensed, bonded, or insured. There are some assumptions about low-voltage cabling that tempts one into thinking it’s a job for “that kid down the street” or “a guy I know” or “Ralph from third shift.” After all, who hasn’t run an Ethernet cable to another room?

However, danger lurks in these assumptions: Low-voltage can mean high-risk. Read more

Why Replace Your Telephone System with VoIP Capabilities

Is your business expanding rapidly, if so keeping your landline phone system might cost you an arm and leg.VoIP capabilities

Traditional landlines are limited by the number of lines available, and having new ones added can be a costly endeavor that requires a visit from a phone technician. If you are looking to expand your business’ phone system then you should consider installing a VoIP system. VoIP gives your business a competitive edge through increased flexibility and responsiveness. Read more

Falling TVs – A Serious Hazard for Young Children

Did you know that a child is sent to the ER every 30 minutes due to a Falling TV?children and tvs

Many families are creating a potentially dangerous environment for their children by placing large TVs in unsecure locations. Due to the increased popularity and adoption of flat screen TVs many families are moving large flat screens into their living rooms and giving their children older and heavier CRT TVs. When these TVs aren’t mounted or secured properly they represent a potential threat to children as they can topple over and cause physical harm to young children.

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