At Ch-Tel Co. near Rockville MD, we offer several and various cabling solutions for both residential and commercial purposes. From residential wiring of your home office to cabling solutions in your commercial office building, we get you connected! The following services are what we specialize in:

Cable Solutions

Our certified technicians provide cabling solutions near Rockville MD and can rearrange your mess of cables. Our goal is to provide quality service and make your own cables service friendly. Our skills for cleanup and reorganization cover:

  • Data centers
  • Data closets
  • Switch rooms
  • IT closets

Our cabling solutions serve the Clarksburg MD and surrounding areas. If you need not only cabling solutions for your station as well as reorganization, don’t hesitate to contact Ch-Tel Co.!

Data Cabling

The technicians at Ch-Tel Co. specialize in data cabling as well as reorganizing a rat’s nest of wires! We service your data cabling needs near Rockville MD and ensure that each and every one of your service needs are met. Whether commercial or residential, we serve your data cabling needs in and around Clarksburg MD.

Our cabling services near Rockville MD include:

  • Fiber optic cabling
  • Cat5e
  • Cat6 and Cat6a

We specialize in fiber optic cabling near Rockville MD which will get you better connected within your network in no time!

Landline Repairs

For those in need of re-establishing landline connections near Rockville MD, we offer landline repairs! If your phone insists on giving you trouble such as giving you static or is just unreliable, we can provide landline repairs near Rockville MD. Whether your home phone’s wiring is caused by wire deterioration or corrosion, we can help determine if it’s an issue on your end or your provider’s.

Low Voltage Cabling

At Ch Tel Co., we offer a variety of structured cabling solutions such as low voltage fiber optics as well as shielded and unshielded low voltage cabling near Rockville MD.

Our objective is to achieve maximum performance when we service your structured cabling and network cabling needs near Rockville MD. We guarantee that your network design is well designed and is high in productivity. In addition, we want quality solutions for your voice, data, and video utilizations.

Voice/Data Cabling

Our voice and data cabling solutions near Rockville MD will serve to optimize your commercial and/or residential needs best. Let us provide you with voice and data cabling products that will serve you and your business sufficiently and effectively.

Telephone Wiring

Whether you are moving into a recently built or older home, let us take care of the telephone wiring near Rockville MD. With telephone wiring, it’s likely its previous places are inconvenient, bothersome, or just a plain eyesore. Let our technicians relocate, reorganize, and rewire your telephone or TV wires.

Contact Ch Tel-Co. today! We provide the services you don’t need to worry about. Call us today at 301-353-0424 to set up an appointment.